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Life in Tokyo ~#5

Being Healthy

Being healthy is a quite challenge, I think, especially in winter. The air is dry and you often see somebody coughing near you. So we always wash hands after coming back from outside and gargle if necessary.


Speaking of gargle, I happened to hear about “Hana (Nose) Ugai (Gargle)” from TV. (“Nasal Wash” in English) An 80 year old actress said that she hasn’t caught a cold for 18 years since she started doing “nasal wash”. It surprised me and I got interested in it. I have Mana and Stuart to take care of and no time to be sick.


What is “Nasal Wash”? It is the sucking or inserting warm saltwater (or saline) through a nostril and allowing it to run out of your mouth or other nostril. It sounds awful, doesn’t it? It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I say it looks awful. I never want Stuart to see me doing this. And it sounds painful, right? No, no pain at all. According to some websites, this is some kind of Yoga thing. Well, I do this almost everyday now and let’s see how long I can be fine.


ATTENTION! Not recommended if you have sinus/nasal problems.




One of the good things about living in Japan is that medical expenses are much cheaper than the States. And depending on each city, our city exempts medical expenses including medicine and dental for kids until they reach age 6. So we can take Mana to see a doctor without thinking about how much it costs. Of course the medical study and technique in the states are much more advanced than Japan, but we are happy about the care so far, and not dealing with the myriad headaches involved with the US health system.

~~~ Kids Are Quite Genki (Fine) !! ~~~

The Four Stooges

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New music group - The Chibis!

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