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Life in Tokyo ~#5


August and December are the bonus season in Japan. (Unfortunately, not for Stuart…) Lots of people are thinking how to spend the extra money they get. The TV show reported the best 5 electric appliances that people want to get with their bonus. When I heard about those appliances, they blew me away.


No 5: Dishwasher (About $700)

 It is natural for some people to have a built-in dishwasher, but here in Japan it is not. Lately dishwashers are getting popular, but always the problem is where to put it. This dishwasher is very small! It was made thinking about Japanese limited kitchen spaces. The size is W550D335H525mm (21.7x13.2x20.7in). Of course this saves water and energy and washes 50 items even though it is small.




No4: Refrigerator (About $1900)

 The world’s first refrigerator that increases the vitamin content of vegetables using “photosynthesis LED”. In a few days vitamins increase 1.5 times. CFC-free, of course. Wow! (Note: The editor, Stuart, has not yet verified this claim.)


No3: Rice cooker (About $300)

 Japan is a rice country and eating tasty rice is a big deal. There are lots of fancy rice cookers here. We were not able to find a $20 one. Anyway, what makes me surprised is this rice cooker has a function to bake bread. (Not everybody has an oven here.) It can also make stew, supposedly.


No2: Washing dryer machine (About $1600)

 As you see from the picture, the drum of the washing machine is tilted upward. It makes it easier people to put in and take out laundry. Even kids can do laundry. And of course it saves water and energy.





No1: Oven microwave ($1200)

 This is the No 1 appliance that many people want to get! It is called the “Water Oven”. This oven (and microwave) cooks foods with 100~300C steam, so you don’t have to add extra oil. Even average not too fat Japanese care about their diet. Many people think this is very healthy.



We bought this electric keyboard player four months ago. Oops, not we. Stuart bought it. I said No, but he said "This is a Chritmas present." I'm sure he needed a reason to purchase it. Now I'm wondering if he remembers it. Will he get another gift for Mana? (She wants a bicycle, Daddy.)


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