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Life in Tokyo ~#5

Christmas in Japan

Christmas Friends

I had Christmas four times in Hawaii, but I am still overwhelmed by that big real Christmas tree. I don’t think that that many Japanese households get a real tree. You know, we don’t have a place for it! Some people have a little fake tree for kids. I remember we had one when I was a kid.

Christmas Cake

The population of Japanese Christians is only 1% of the Japanese population, but most of us celebrate Christmas in Japan. I don’t know what the typical Japanese Christmas is, except eating a Christmas cake (a cake with whipped cream and strawberries).

Christmas Illumination

Christmas Godzilla

I was always eating a cake with my parents at home, but my sister went out with her boyfriend to do something romantic. Towns and stores are of course decorated with illuminations, play Christmas songs and get very Christmas-like. Some places have a giant tree, too. How about Japanese houses? We hardly illuminate our houses. And most of us don’t send Christmas cards, but we send New Years cards. (We have New Years cards with a lottery. If you receive 100 cards, you have 100 chances to win something.)


Most of us Japanese are not Christians, but we simply want to enjoy Christmas. That’s it. Let’s enjoy it!

Santa & His Little Helper

We saw a Santa Claus doll in white from top to bottom. The owner of this Santa said that Santa was from Russia originally, and Coca Cola Company made Santa’s clothes red. Did you know that? Is that true?

Mana's first Christmas in Hawaii

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