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Life in Tokyo ~#5

Guests for November

Beastie Boys in Tokyo?!?

We had a quite a few guests in November. DJ Eric came to visit Tokyo for some job and CD-hunting. He happened to visit on the day Stuart called in sick, which worked out quite nicely, actually. We listened to South African club music and had a good time.
The next day Jake and Miwako visited, and regaled us with funny stories about Cairns and the Japanese Consulate. They left the next day for Shimane, and then came back a week later, well fed and entertained. We really enjoyed their visit!

Still the party animal, Eric!

What a nice couple!

Guests from Down Under

I collect milk cartons. There are 50 of them here and can you guess what they are going to be?

Kayo's sister made a kid chair with milk cartons.
I can count them. One, teo, three...

The answer is toilet paper. I bring them to a department store and they give 1 toilet paper roll for every 10 milk cartons. It is to encourage people to save resources. It is a good thing, don't you think?

Now she uses toilet papers instead of diapers.
So we need more toilet paper!

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