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Life in Tokyo ~#5

Nothing Special

Hello, this is the Starosta residence...

Mana started picking up the phone only from Daddy recently. Just picking up the phone, not answering. She doesn't say "Hello" or "This is Mana speaking" or wahtever. She just says "Daddy...". Because Daddy calls home before leaving from work and she knows who is calling around that time. Hopefully she can learn how to answer the call by the time you call us.

Two peas in a pod

It is getting cold and nice to cuddle with little Mana in the futon. It is very warm to sleep with Mana unless she moves around.
We recently purchased futons for winter. These are Polish white goose down 93% futons and very warm and super fluffy! They are so fluffy that Mana can dive on them when we make a bed. (Yeah, Daddy can't stop himself from doing the same thing with Mana.) Well, they are fluffy now, but if they keep doing this, they will be flat very soon....
Anyway, we don't have central heating in Japan except in very snowy regions. That's why we need warm futons.

Perfect 10 Landing!

Futon Diving

Green Tea Kit Kat

I thought Kit Kat is produced by Nestle company, but it looks like Hershey's sells Kit Kat in the States. Well, there are white chocolate, Mint flavor and inside out Kit Kat in the States, but we have our versions such as Green tea, Cheese cake, strawberry, orange, banana and pineapple flavors. I bought a green tea one and have not yet tasted it.

Someday in December, we celebrated Kayo's Birthday. We went to a doctor's appt in the morning, and after that we stopped by Roppongi-hills (Huge shopping & dining skyscraper complex in Roppongi). It was a nice sunny day and we saw Tokyo Tower from here.
*Tokyo Tower 333m (about 1050ft)
*Empire State Bilding 443m (about 1454ft)
*Eiffel Tower 320m (about 1050ft)

Mana is taking a nap in the stroller.
Someone else is not so interested in window shopping.

View From Roppongi Hills

Mana-zilla conquers Tokyo~

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